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Two Fussy Blokes Mini 50mm Roller Frame

Two Fussy Blokes Mini 50mm Roller Frame

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1x 50mm Roller Frame

Featuring a stylish wooden handle crafted for optimal comfort, our mini-roller frame swaps plastic for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly black-finished frame. One of our more recent products (released in November 2020), it’s made and tested to our rigorous standards in order to allow your mini rollers to spin freely and to make painting quick and easy.

Our 5mm-nap microfibre mini rollers are best for painting the likes of furniture, kitchen units, window frames, and door frames — essentially anything small that requires a smooth, spray-like finish. The shortest nap in our mini-roller range, the 5mm is gaining huge popularity within upcycling communities and with well-known furniture painters like HPKUK. By enabling you to achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun, these 5mm rollers allow painters to transform old kitchens and furniture at a seriously low cost.

The 10mm-nap roller holds a considerable amount of paint, washes out easily, and is ideal to cut walls and ceilings in conjunction with our 10mm-nap big rollers, as doing so will result in a uniform finish with no picture framing. Perfect for use on radiators, exterior weatherboards, and previously painted surfaces, these mini rollers eliminate the need to lay off your paint.

Perfect for water-based paints

Game-changing paint rollers backed by legends!

For fussy PRO and DIY painters, Two Fussy Blokes’ premium quality paint rollers deliver a perfectly satisfying finish because the Two Fussy Blokes brand is trusted by thousands of fussy painters and upcyclers worldwide.

You could say we’re particular about painting. Obsessive even. And you’d be right. So when we couldn’t find any painting tools that lived up to our very high standards, we created them. Like these top-of-the-line, high-density premium rollers, designed to deliver an ultra-smooth finish, ultra-low splatter, and ultra-fast paint speed. They’re so good, even the fussiest blokes (and lady blokes) will love them.


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