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All Things L'essentiel Botanics Wax

Here's the thing I used to HATE wax. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, I was a topcoat girl through & through, wax was not my thing...that was until I was introduced to and encouraged to try L'essentiel Botanics Waxes. I had a true OMG moment...

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What is the Difference Between L'essentiel's Paint Ranges?

One question I get asked a lot is what is the difference between L’essentiel Botanics Paints? And why do I love L'essentiel Paints so much?  Well the answer is very simple!    Botanics Chalk Style Paint Contains chalks, clays and pigments Minimal Prep Porous - this means you have to seal it!  Compatible with the complete range of L’essentiel Botanics Products Amazing coverage! 2 Coats is often all you need!  Water wash up  Perfect for any finish from Modern & Sleek to Shabby Chic. Why do I love Botanics? - Botanics was the first L’essentiel Botanics Product I used. Its easy to use and dreamy to paint with, its beautiful creamy texture and ease of use wins me over every...

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