About Us

My name is Elise and I am the Founder and Owner of The Painted Brush & Co. Alongside me is my amazing husband Joe, who delivers all of my pieces to my wonderful clients and our little man who comes along for the ride. 
I first established as Miss Scott's Furniture Adoptions in October 2015, business quickly took off and the rest is history...almost. Along our journey we welcomed our first child, moved cities and have now rebranded as The Painted Brush & Co. in September 2017. With a new city and everything looking up I felt it was time to expand the business and welcome on board some amazing products. 
During my time 'flipping' furniture and home decor I have used a wide variety of paints, products, accessories and brushes. I now aim to bring a collection of my must-have favourites to all of my clients and encourage you all to foster your creative energy and minds into works of art. 
--- Elise 
The Painted Brush & Co.