About Us

My name is Elise and I am the Founder and Owner of The Painted Brush & Co. Alongside me is my amazing husband Joe, who delivers all of my pieces to my wonderful clients, our not so little 5yr old and our gorgeous growing up way to fast 1year old.
I have always had an interest in furniture & furniture design, refinishing and restoring, beginning my journey in high school. My life plan was never to flip furniture & create my own business, I was studying eduction and had dreams to be a special education teacher. With the theory part of my degree complete I was about to begin my final placement when a surprise, and very rough first pregnancy changed my path completely.
I initially established as Miss Scotts Furniture Adoptions in October 2015, originally it was just a Facebook page, a way for me to record my journey, it was just a hobby. But once my baby boy came along my world changed completely.
Stuck at home with a difficult newborn, postpartum depression and desperately trying to find someway I could contribute to our struggling finances I turned flipping furniture from hobby to full time. 
Since then I have moved from Melbourne to Bendigo Victoria, rebranded as The Painted Brush & Co in September 2017, began stocking Paints & finishes. Running an entire business from our tiny, 900 x 2m hallway in our crappy run down rental. In 2018 we brought and moved into our first home, setting up The Painted Brush & Co studio in our 11x3m shed! In 2020 we welcomed our baby girl, struggled our way through covid and some how came out the other side. 
In July 2021 I opened The Painted Brush & Co Studio, a store in the heart of Eaglehawk. 
I now stock a huge range of products, we have a wide selection of local & Australian artists and products & I get to do what I love every single day.  
--- Elise 
The Painted Brush & Co.