Collection: Mint Tissue Papers

These delightful tissue papers are designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your creative projects. Get ready to be amazed by their seamless repeat designs and incredible value.

Seamless Repeat Designs: With Mint Tissue Papers, you'll enjoy a generous size of 35x35 cms (13.8in x 13.8in) of pure crafting magic! Each tissue paper features a seamless repeat design, allowing you to effortlessly create visually stunning patterns without any interruptions. 

Unbeatable Value: Each pack includes 3 tissue papers, all 35x35cm (13.8in x 13.8in)!

Premium 28gsm Quality: Crafting is all about attention to detail, and that's why we've carefully selected a 28gsm quality tissue paper for Mint Tissue Papers. 

Application of Mints Tissue Papers is easy, use your favourite decoupage method or try one of ours! Find our application guide here!