Collection: Preparation Products

Prep is the most important step when painting/restoring furniture or decor. Using high-quality products and the right techniques makes a big difference in the finished result. 

Here at The Painted Brush & Co, we have trialled many different methods and products for prep so that you don't have to. 

We always recommend

1. Cleaning your piece with Hot Soapy Water first, to ensure you remove all dirt and grime from your piece. 

2. Fill holes and fix the damage with a putty or builders bog

3. Stripping or sanding back any areas you want to keep timber. Don't forget to wipe down afterwards to remove dust! 

4. Scruff sanding all over with 80g, paying attention to any areas the original finish is flaking or unstable. 

** Don't forget to wipe down after sanding to remove dust!