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Two Fussy Blokes 50mm Frame & Roller Bundle

Two Fussy Blokes 50mm Frame & Roller Bundle

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You will receive: 1x 50mm Roller Frame & 1x 50mm 4pk 5mm Nap Rollers


50mm 4pk 5mm Nap Rollers
Our 5mm-nap smooth microfibre mini paint rollers come in a 50mm length and are best for painting the likes of furniture, kitchen units, window frames, and door frames — essentially anything small that requires a smooth, spray-like finish. The shortest nap in our mini-roller range, the 5mm is gaining huge popularity within upcycling communities and with well-known furniture painters like HPKUK. By enabling you to achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun, these 5mm rollers allow painters to transform old kitchens and furniture at a seriously low cost.

Our 5mm-nap microfibre rollers are best for smooth surfaces where a seamless finish is desired — such as flat walls, doors, and large cupboards.


50mm Roller Frame
Featuring a stylish wooden handle crafted for optimal comfort, our mini-roller frame swaps plastic for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly black-finished frame.




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