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Pureco Stain & Glaze | Carob

Pureco Stain & Glaze | Carob

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Pureco Stain & Glaze is a water-based timber stain and paint glaze, it has a built-in topcoat with a matte finish. It is incredibly easy to use and produces a beautiful natural finish. 

We recommend using Carob when you're wanting a deep warm toned brown, ideal over any timber but stunning over pine and oak. 

Glaze: Can be applied over Chalk Finish and Silk Finish or Milk Paints.
Wipe or brush Pureco Stain & Glaze over the painted surface and use a clean lightly damp cloth to wipe over and remove the excess stain and glaze. If applied to a flat surface you may wish to wipe in different directions or even circles to ensure you don't end up with streaks. 

To apply to intricate detailing I recommend our Oval 25mm (O25) Paint Brush or a Mont Marte Gallery Paint Brush 

Stain: Can be applied over raw timber. Ensure your timber is clean and free of dust and dirt. Wipe your stain over in the direction of the grain going from edge to edge (this prevents patches and lines from overlapping). lightly spray the surface or your sponge as you work to keep the stain active, continue wiping over the surface until you are happy with the results. 

To apply to timber and flat surfaces I highly recommend a sponge applicator 


Our Stain & Glaze are translucent so layers can be built up to create a more opaque finish if desired. You can also layer multiple colours of stain. 


PLEASE NOTE: every timber is different as such all results with the stain and glaze will differ. Please see the photos for an idea of the finish.


Please see our Youtube channel for videos showing both applications. The Painted Brush & Co

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