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Pureco Base & Blocker - WHITE

Pureco Base & Blocker - WHITE

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  • Pureco Base & Blocker is an eco-friendly alternative for blocking tannins, priming surfaces, and blocking odours.
  • Australian Made & Owned, Eco-Friendly Certified, VOC Free
  • Water-based & water clean up
  • Non-toxic, low VOC, no nasty smell
  • Does not contain shellac
  • Apply with a brush, roller, or spray
  • Gives superior adhesion to most surfaces. Ideal for laminate & high gloss modern finishes
  • Only one coat required and can be used as a spot treatment for tannin and oil bleed
  • Reduces the number of coats required with your whites and will make your brights brighter! 
    1. Clean your surface with warm soapy water, making sure any soapy residue is washed off with clean warm water. TIP: Always clean your piece before you do anything else. Clean your piece inside and out, don’t forget drawer runners and underneath.
    2. WHEN USING BASE & BLOCKER SANDING IS OPTIONAL - Give your furniture some “tooth” this means giving the piece light sand (80-180grit) to take the shine off any glazes or topcoats previously used. TIP: If your piece is a high gloss giving it light sand will help all in one adhere better. 
    3. If your piece is lumpy and has dings etc., of course, more prep may be needed such as heavier sand or filler in holes
    4. Paint one coat of Base & Blocker just like you would regular paint. 
    5. Once the Base & Blocker is dry paint as normal with your chosen paint.

Cleaning and Disposal:

Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water. Do not dispose of excess sealer in drains and watercourses.

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