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Mont Marte | Signature Acrylic Pastel Paint | 12pc 36ml

Mont Marte | Signature Acrylic Pastel Paint | 12pc 36ml

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The set includes 12 creamy, pastel colours that offer a great palette for modern design projects. These acrylic paints feature a smooth, creamy texture and good coverage that dries to a semi-matte finish. Perfect for creating a wide range of textures, compositions and painting styles. These paints have a heavy body allowing the ability to create texture with the colours. The paint can also be diluted with medium or water to create more fluid effects or watercolour-style paintings.

This Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set is versatile and ideal for artists and students looking for an essential set for the studio or classroom.


  • includes 12 x 36ml (1.2 US fl. oz) pastel acrylic paint colours: Pastel Yellow, Pastel Cantaloupe, Pastel Marigold, Pastel Pumpkin, Pastel Bubble Gum, Pastel Hot Pink, Pastel Iris, Pastel Eggshell Blue, Pastel Mint, Pastel Chartreuse, Pastel Taupe, Pastel Mushroom
  • Pastel paint palette great for modern designs, décor projects and more
  • Creamy texture with good coverage that dries to a semi-matte finish
  • Fast drying time for layering paint quickly without muddying colours
  • Suitable for most surfaces including canvas, wood, air-dried clay, plaster, cardboard, paper, leather and some plastics
  • Non toxic and water-based
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