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Australian Sandalwood | Diffuser | 100ml

Australian Sandalwood | Diffuser | 100ml

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The heart of the Australian bush, a rich and woody fragrance with a warm aroma. Our Australian Sandalwood Diffuser has an opulent woody, warm base with notes of fresh orange and bergamot

Top notes: Orange & Bergamot

Middle notes: Warm amber & Cedar

Base Notes: Cedarwood & Sandalwood

Our diffusers are made using an ethonol-free diffuser base for a safer and cleaner fragrance. Free from alcohol, parabens and phthalates. Our diffusers will throw scent for 6-9 months.


We recommend turning the reeds every 3-4 days to refresh the fragrance and for optimal fragrance throw. 

Our diffusers are housed in glass jars with a sealed cap and come with a stylish black lid to place on the jar when you remove the cap. Our diffusers come with 3x premium bamboo reeds. 

The jars can be easily cleaned and reused once your diffuser is finished.

We hope you enjoy your diffuser as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. 

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