Soapstone Wax
Soapstone Wax

Soapstone Wax

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Soapstone wax is a soap-based wax and feels a little like a body custard, it is super easy to use.

Yes this wax is soap-based! Why? It offers brilliant protection on porous finishes such as BOTANICS furniture paint.

Imagine rubbing a cake of soap on the edge of your furniture, what will happen? You will be left with a waxy residue that repels moisture.

The blend of waxes, oils and soap in this beautiful soft wax is an ideal finish for many decorative surfaces.

Soapstone wax loves porous surfaces such as Milk paints, chalk paints, fresco, and my list goes on ...These kinds of coatings are a match made in heaven.

This product can be built up in layers, you can tint it with a minute amount of BOTANICS furniture paint.

Use with 1000 grit wet & dry Sandpaper to get a gorgeous glassy finish to your piece.


Check out my first time using Soapstone Wax here

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