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Portrait Alcohol Marker Set | 12pc

Portrait Alcohol Marker Set | 12pc

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Make detailed portraits using our Portrait Marker Set 12pc. This handy set comes with everything you need to create portraits including alcohol art markers, sketching pencils, a blender, a fine liner and an eraser. You’ll love working with the alcohol-based markers with their fast-drying ink that easily blends, layers and doesn’t smudge while you work. Plus, the dual tip marker means you can create a range of strokes ideal for detailed line work and colouring large areas. You can also achieve crisp lines and create depth with water thanks to the water-based graphic fine liner ink and brush tip marker. Travelling artists, students or beginners will love taking this set on the go. So, if you are looking to create your next portrait piece, this set hits the markFeatures:

  • Includes 6 Dual Tip Art Markers, Colourless Blender, Brush Tip Graphic Marker, Graphic Fine Liner, HB pencil, 2B pencil, and eraser
  • Quick-drying, alcohol-based ink means less smudging while you create
  • Alcohol markers blend easily and can be layered
  • Dual tip is ideal for both fine details and covering large areas
  • Water-based ink fine liner and graphic marker can be lifted and blended with water
  • Can be used on most surfaces (results may vary depending on the surface type
  • Non-toxic


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