Liquid Verdigris
Liquid Verdigris

Liquid Verdigris

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Liquid Verdigris is a second option to using Patina spray, this is also a product that does not oxidise. It is 100% safe to use and perfect for every application when it comes to verdigris faux finishing.

It dries similar to Patina Spray. Patina Spray and Liquid Verdigris are totally different products that will achieve similar looks. It is a matter of working out your favourite and different products for different looks.

Advantages of this product are:
It doesn't smell, there are no fumes.
You have more control of where you Patina.
You can build up areas without it looking too over the top.
It doesn't develop more(grow) over time
It doesn't require sealing
Value for money, a bottle of this will last more projects than the spray will.


How to use Liquid Verdigris? 

Although it gives a very similar finish to the Patina Spray Liquid Verdigris does not require any form of metal to activate or get its colour. 

Use a sponge, cloth or brush to apply by simply dabbing or brushing it over your surface. Build up you layers until your happy with the amount of Verdigris. Liquid Verdigris is self sealing however if you would like an added layer of protection you can seal with any of L’essentiels Topcoats. 

Let your imagination run wild with this product, for a true Verdigris look add a little metallic dusting powder, metallic paint or gilding wax to your finish.


How is Liquid Vedigris different from paint? 

Liquid Verdigris is a completely different base and different finish. It is designed as a patina and is self sealing. It doesn't have the opacity of a paint, it is much more sheer. It also doesn't have the sheen of a glaze. It dries very matte and almost looks powdery. It is also green not blue. It is the same colour as the patina on copper.

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