Flat - Long Handle

Flat - Long Handle

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Introducing the only brushes made in Australia and Australian owned! 

Beautifully soft and luscious bristles combined with a timber handle and ergonomically designed these brushes are the BEST brushes I have every used! They are light weight, carry just the right amount of paint and leave very, very minimal brush strokes. They are the perfect brush when used with L’essentiel Botanics chalk style paint range & Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint. It was a true OMG moment when I laid my first stroke of paint down with these brushes! 


These brushes are incredibly easy to clean, simply rinse under running water, use a little L’essentiel Brush and surface cleaning soap or dish soap gentley rubbing the bristles between your fingers working the paint out. Once the brush is clean hang the brush and allow to dry. Hanging the brush will ensure the bristles keep their shape. Before using I like to give my brush a quick rinse, spin out the excess water and pat dry and then paint.