Crystal Clear Topcoat

Crystal Clear Topcoat

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 L'essentiel Botanics Crystal Clear Topcoat is a satin finish acrylic resin topcoat that cures (hardens) within 7 days. This is the hardest clear sealer of all the L’essentiel Botanics products. It can be diluted up to 30%, making it a cost-effective choice as a premium sealer. It is non-yellowing, has inbuilt UV protection and growth inhibitor, making it suitable for exterior use. It can be used to seal painted furniture projects and raw timber, giving a durable impervious coating. This is a great product to seal your kitchen and bathroom projects.

L'essentiel Botanics Crystal Clear Topcoat contains a tannin blocker. Tannins are a very common issue when painting furniture, they are common in Balinese furniture and in red timbers such as mahogany, you can’t see tannins until they start seeping through your fresh coat of any light-coloured paint. Sealing a piece is good practice and an important element of prep work. After cleaning and sanding your piece apply a coat of L'essentiel Botanics Crystal Clear Topcoat, allow to dry as normal then apply your paint, this is also a great option if you want to shabby chic your piece if you want a clear under-colour to distress back to. On the rare chance, you still have bleed through, apply another thin coat of Crystal Clear Topcoat allow to dry and then paint another coat of your paint.

Apply L'essentiel Botanics Crystal Clear Topcoat by either brushing, spraying or wiping on with a damp lint free cloth or sponge.



The Painted Brush & Co Hot Tip:

I love to apply my Crystal Clear topcoat using a lint free cloth, I pour a little into a bowl, and add the same amount of water mix until combined - larger quantities can take a minute or to - I dip my cloth in the topcoat and squeeze out the excess. I then wipe the topcoat onto the furniture in one direction making sure I cover all areas. I try to avoid going back over a section already done and be mindful not to overwork it, as it does dry quickly and you could end up with streaks. Once dry I lightly sand with 600grit sandpaper and repeat the process. I like to do 2-3 coats depending on the coverage and how it looks (everything I do is by eye).  

If you make too much topcoat pour it into a sealed container or pop cling wrap over it.