Crackle Medium

Crackle Medium

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L'essentiel Botanics crackle medium is non-toxicn toxic, water-based and quick acting. You can use our crackle medium over raw timber and then your coat of paint or you can use a base coat of BOTANICS furniture paint, followed by crackle medium and a final coat of furniture paint in a contrasting colour. 

Instructions: Apply 2 coats of your desired base colour and allow to dry completely. Apply a single coat of crackle medium( a thicker coat will produce a thicker crackle a thinner coat will produce a more natural time-worn crackle) Once crackle layer is dry, apply your final colour(contrasting colour) apply your coat of paint in a single direction to ensure you don't drag your crackle finish.

Lastly either wax or top coat your finished piece.