3 Wheel Dollie - Set of 4
3 Wheel Dollie - Set of 4

3 Wheel Dollie - Set of 4

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Sold as a set of 4. 

Australian Designed & Manufactured by a Australian family owned business. 

Rated to hold 100Kg Each. 
50mm height


These are designed to have each foot/corner of a piece of furniture sit on them rather then an entire side like a traditional dollie. They are easier to manoeuvre, and the concave design reduces likelihood of a piece slipping of the dollie.  One person can easily position them under the furniture without assistance*. These are high quality and are designed to hold up to 100kg each so 400kg all up if you use one on each leg/corner.

The Dollies have a padded surface to help protect your pieces from damage. 

*dependant on the size and weight of the piece and an individuals capabilities.