Wax Pack 1

Wax Pack 1

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L'essentiel Botanics Hemp Infusion Wax and our Tapered Wax Brushes are a match made in heaven!

In this Wax Pack, you will receive 

1x Tapered Wax Brush (RRP $45)
1x Hemp Infusion Wax 200g (RRP $35)


Hemp Infusion Wax: 

L'essentiel Botanics Hemp Infusion wax is a gorgeous mix of organic oils and wax that will revive old timber or add depth and character to natural timber. Hemp Infusion wax can also be applied to chalk and milk paints as a top coat. It is incredibly durable over timber or paint! 

Hemp Infusion wax is the only L'essentiel Botanics wax that is 100% Vegan! 


Tapered Wax Brush:

Beautifully designed and perfect for applying wax to any piece. The tapered design is perfect for applying wax to intricate detailing or fast coverage across large surface areas!  

The handle has been ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in your hand. The bristles are natural and durable perfect for wax. 

21 cm overall length
6 cm bristle length
4 cm bristle diameter

Quick Tip:

When you are finished waxing grab a paper towel and rub your brush on it to remove any excess wax then store your brush in a Ziploc bag ready for the next time! I use a Ziploc bag as it keeps dust from settling on the brush. Lie your brush on its side so that the bristles keep their shape.