Staalmeester Brushes

Staalmeester® have been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years. The synthetic blend bristles can be used with of all types of paint, however, they are a match made in heaven with L'essentiel Botanics Paint & Finishes. 

How to use your new Brush

Each time you use your brush submerge the bristles in water up to the ferrule for a few moments, to dampen the bristles. Give the bristles including the string a good squeeze and or pat dry on a lint-free clean cloth until barely damp. 

Start Painting! 

for best results make sure you don't under or overload your brush, you want just enough paint so that the brush glides across the surface with minimal effort, you don't want paint dripping off your brush or your brush to drag. 


With great painting technique (don't worry this takes time to develop) your Staalmeester brush when combined with L'essentiel Botanics will leave a smooth finish with minimal brush strokes, or if desired heaps of texture! 


Once you have finished painting rinse your brush under running water for a moment and then submerge your brush in water up to the ferrule. I recommend hanging your brush into the water so the bristles don't get bent out of shape. Allow your brush to sit for as long as you like, you can leave it for a couple of hours if desired.

Change the water regularly and rinse your brush. Once the water has run clear you know that all the paint has been removed – allow your paintbrush to hang for drying, this will allow the bristles to fall back into their natural position.