Knob Transfer - Cursive Letters

Knob Transfer - Cursive Letters

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Explore the many possibilities of transforming your home with our Decor Transfers. Exceptionally detailed, gorgeously composed and effortlessly easy to apply, these transfers will transform your furniture and decor. The Knob transfers are specifically designed to add a beautiful flair to your knos and handles. 

These are incredibly easy to use simply ensure your surface is clean and free of dust cut out your design, remove the backing paper and position carefully, once your happy with its position push down and rub until all of the transfer has adhered to your surface and no more remains on the plastic sheet. To protect your transfer either wax or topcoat as normal. We highly recommend using a topcoat for the best protection of your knobs as they see so much use. 

These transfers can be applied over raw timber or paint.

**Please note transfers will not adhere to wax, and they may have trouble adhering to topcoat.** 


Please note each transfer is single use only. 


Details: 1 A4 Sheet featuring 3 designs (10 of each design). 

21.6cm x 26.7cm 

Designs are 3cm in diameter.