L'ESSENTIEL Botanics Furniture Paint

L’essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint is Australian owned and made! It is made from clays, chalk, minerals, and pigments creating a silky smooth consistency which is easy to paint and gives that professional finish every time.
L’essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint is ECO-friendly, vegan, No VOC furniture paint! Which means there are no nasty chemicals or smells like regular paint.
Prep Work
As a chalk based paint Botanics paint requires very little prep work depending on the original finish of the piece you are painting. I highly recommend giving your piece a thorough clean and then sand to give your piece some teeth. For some pieces such as Balinese, you may need to undercoat/seal the piece first to prevent bleed through, I highly recommend the L'essentiel Botanics Crystal Clear Topcoat, as it contains tannin blockers which are desined to prevent any bleed through.
When painting with Botanics Furniture Paint, you will quickly notice a little goes a very long way! The paint glides on smoothly, to reduce brush stroke marks once you have painted a section try to avoid going back over it. I have personally found that most pieces only need 2-3 thin coats to get a beautiful finish. 1 liter will cover approximately 13 square meters in normal conditions such as a large hutch/sideboard, 250ml will cover approximately 4 square meters in normal conditions such as several bedside tables or a hall stand. If you are unsure how much paint you will require for your piece, please email a photo through and I will provide you with some guidance (thepaintedbrush@outlook.com.au). The paint is fast drying and recoating can occur within hours, on hot days I recommend you work quickly if you find the paint is drying too fast, dip your brush into a little water to help keep it workable. Suitable to brush, spray or use a roller. If spraying Botanics furniture paint, thin with water as necessary. This product can be thinned up to 30%.
Botanics Furniture Paint can be easily distressed for a rustic shabby chic look, layered, blended, mixed and thinned with water to create a wash.
Clean Up
Because Botanics Furniture Paint is water-based clean-up is super easy! Wash all tools with water and please be kind to your brushes! Please dispose of used packaging in accordance with your local regulations.
Botanics Furniture Paint does not require waxing if you choose not to although Botanics waxes and glazes add depth and character giving a range of gorgeous finishes to the paint. I recommend sealing high use pieces to prevent damage to your finish.
Most of all have fun and enjoy your painting journey!  

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