What is the Difference Between L'essentiel's Paint Ranges?

One question I get asked a lot is what is the difference between L’essentiel Botanics Paints? And why do I love L'essentiel Paints so much? 

Well the answer is very simple! 


Botanics Chalk Style Paint

  • Contains chalks, clays and pigments
  • Minimal Prep
  • Porous - this means you have to seal it! 
  • Compatible with the complete range of L’essentiel Botanics Products
  • Amazing coverage! 2 Coats is often all you need! 
  • Water wash up 
  • Perfect for any finish from Modern & Sleek to Shabby Chic.

Why do I love Botanics? - Botanics was the first L’essentiel Botanics Product I used. Its easy to use and dreamy to paint with, its beautiful creamy texture and ease of use wins me over every time! I adore that I can achieve a plethora of different finishes/styles with it with ease. 

You can check out the full Botanics range HERE 

Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint [UFMP]

  • All in one paint - this means it has a built in primer and topcoat. No need to seal! 
  • 7 day cure time
  • Minimal Prep
  • UV Resistant - perfect for outside pieces
  • Water wash up
  • Perfect for any finish but lends itself well to sleek modern finish.

Why do I love UFMP? - I love its ease of use, the fact I don’t have to do anything else including sealing makes UFMP a winner in my books. Its creamy consistency took me a few go’s to adjust to but once I worked out the way it likes to be painted with I can’t get enough of it! I love its matte-satin finish, its got just the right amount of shine that really brings the colour to life. I also absolutely adore the range of colours and the brights really sold me on UFMP, the pigments are clean and crisp, coverage is easy even with the brights to obtain with very little fuss. 

You can check out the full UFMP range HERE 

European Milk Fresco


  • Liquid Milk Paint
  • Not Acrylic Based
  • Minimal prep
  • Mottled Weathered finish
  • Will Not Chip
  • Perfect for a shabby chic, vintage finish
  • Water wash up 
  • Compatible with the complete range of L’essentiel Botanics Products 

Why do I love EMF? - I’ll be 100% honest EMF has taken top spot on my favourite paint list! I adore it’s vintage, not so perfect finish! I can not get enough of this paint! It has the perfect consistency and love that I can be lazy with this paint and still achieve an amazing finish! It distresses easily, blends and mixes perfectly no matter the technique or skill level of the painter! I’m not a huge fan of shaker style milk paint which is traditionally unpredictable, chippy and I personally find hard to work with. EMF is pre-mixed, it is a true milk paint (no acrylic base!) and it takes away the unpredictability! 

You can check out the full European Milk Fresco Paint range HERE 

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  • Annie Baird

    Thanks for this explanation Elise. Although you have already explained it to me it takes a bit to sink in and understand the different paints. So having it all written down is great.

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