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Here's the thing I used to HATE wax. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, I was a topcoat girl through & through, wax was not my thing...that was until I was introduced to and encouraged to try L'essentiel Botanics Waxes. I had a true OMG moment. Why on earth I was scared I'll never know. They are easy to use, they are quick to use, they are durable and the finish you can achieve is beautiful!! Nowadays around 75% off my pieces are finished with wax. I only topcoats when I want more shine/sparkle or it is a custom piece and requested or when the piece needs the added durability and protection that a topcoat can provide.

L'essentiel offers a range of waxes including Traditional Beeswax Polish, Soapstone Wax, Liquid Wax and Hemp Infusion Wax and not to forget Gilding Wax...but thats a whole other blog post for another day! All of L'essentiels Waxes are eco-friendly certified, VOC free, Solvent-free, safe to use and durable. If your searching for an ethical vegan wax looks no further then Hemp Infusion Wax - Because of the Hemp Infusion Oil in this wax, it is the most durable of the waxes in the Botanics range. Each wax is available in Clear & a variety of Coloured forms - White, Black & Brown. 

L'essentiel Waxes are very easy to use simply:
1. Apply your wax all over using a cloth or a brush. 
2. Buff your wax to remove any excess, once the excess is removed you can continue to buff to achieve more shine or you can add another layer of wax if desired. 

Clear waxes will not add any colour to your piece, but they can deepen, enhance and bring out the true colour of your paint - this is particularly true for European Milk Fresco & some colours from the Botanics Chalk Style Paint range.  

This Hall Table is painted with a variety of EMF & Botanics Colours and has been Sealed with CLEAR Soapstone Wax.

This hall table has been painted with a mixture of EMF & Botanics and sealed with CLEAR Soapstone Wax.

Botanics & Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint in Multiple Colours Sealed with Hemp Infusion Wax.


My favourite combinations are: 

Coloured wax over the same colour paint. 

Botanics Liquid Carbon sealed with Black Liquid Wax.


Brown wax over different colour paint to age a piece. 

Botanics Pavlova with Umber (brown) Liquid Wax.
Ageing dust has also been added for added authenticity.



White Wax over a different colour to soften and add definition.


Botanics Grey Goose with White Liquid Wax.


Black Wax over a light paint colour to age and darken.

Botanics Delft Blue finished with Black Liquid Wax



Note that the Black & White colours and finishes you can achieve with each type of wax are very similar,  The Beeswax Polish range also has a Grey wax, Pearl Lustre & a Black Lustre. The Liquid Wax - Umber, Beeswax Polish - Dark & Soapstone Wax Dark Chocolate are all different browns and will give you a slightly different coloured finish from one to the next. You can apply coloured waxes all over your piece or just in key locations to highlight, define and add authenticity. If you choose to only add colour in certain locations only you need to remember to use a clear wax on all other areas to ensure your piece is fully protected. Remember WAX IS ALWAYS LAST so you can NOT use wax and then topcoat. 

You can blend, layer and mix L'essentiels waxes to achieve your desired finish. 


If you haven't tried wax or haven't tried L'essentiels waxes I encourage you to give them a go. They are insanely easy to use, effective and beautiful. 

You can find the full range here here



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    Thank you Elise, this was very informative.

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